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CV 2017


                           Bernd Halbherr

                           born 3.7.1964 in Ulm, South Germany.

1989                   Studies at the Academy of the Arts in Nuremberg.

1992 - 97            Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Duesseldorf with Professor Klaus Rinke.

1995                   Master title by Professor Klaus Rinke,

1995 - 96            DAAD scholarship in Israel/Jerusalem

2006 - 2011        Residence program Hajaemaul, Paju, South Korea

2008                   Else-Heiliger-Fonds (EHF scholarship) from Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Berlin

2007 - 2011        Guest Professor, Hansei University, Gunpo, Kyonggido

Since 2011         Professor at the sculpture department, Chung-Ang University, Seoul/Anseong



Other Professional Experience:


1997 - 1998         Co-founder and Curator at the exhibition space “Escale” in Duesseldorf


Lectures and seminars:


2003                   Kaywon School of Arts and Design, Seoul (seminar)

                           Seoul Institute of Arts, Seoul (seminar)

                           Chuguye University for Arts, Seoul (seminar)

                           Sungshin University, Seoul

                           Hongik University, Jeojiwon, South Korea

2006                   Technical University, of Seoul  Art Department,

                           Ewha Womens University, Seoul

                           Hongik University, Seoul,

2007                   Hanyang University, Seoul

                           Seoul Womens University, Seoul

2008                   Ewha Womens University, Seoul


Exhibition selection




1992                   Gallery Decus, Nuremberg

1993                   Gallery Annelie Brusten Wuppertal, Germany

1994                   Gallery Loehrl Impulse Moenchengladbach, Germany

1996                   Al Wasiti Art Center Jerusalem, Israel

1997                   Kunstverein Sebastianskapelle, Zwischenwelten, Ulm, Germany

1998                   Gallery Zellberg, >Indifferenzen<, Berlin, Germany

1999                   Project in public space, Ansichten, Ulm, Germany

                           b2, Beobachtungen, Solingen, Germany

2000                   Anbau 35, Normalen & Totalen, Bonn, Germany

2001                   Kunstverein Goeppingen >Day & Night<, Goeppingen, Germany

2004                   Loop, Space Lab, Seoul, Korea

                           Any place is better than here, Laden, Duesseldorf, Germany

2008                   DoArt Seoul, Windows Gallery

2009                   Solomix, Moa Gallery, Heyri

                           Universal Dialects, KunstDoc Gallery, Seoul

2011                   Trans-Form, Bundo Gallery, Daegu

2012                   Pama Gallery, Tokyo

2013                   Proxy Studies, McBride Fine Art, Belgium

2014                   Relocations, Satellite Gallery, Nagoya, Japan

2015                   Intersections, Savina Museum, Seoul

2016                   Phantoms, Hanmi Gallery, Seoul

2017                   Between the Worlds, Sehwa Museum, Seoul




1995                   Gallery Loehrl Moenchengladbach, Germany

                           Kunstmuseum Duesseldorf im Ehrenhof, Saldo, Duesseldorf, Germany

1998                   Museum Baden, Bergischer Kunstpreis, Solingen, Germany

1999                   Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany

2000                   Stadtkunst Bonn, Germany

                           Transplantations, Media City Seoul, Korea

2001                   Gallery Januar, Bochum, Germany

                           Gallery Edith Wahlandt, Stuttgart, Germany

                           Koelnischer Kunstverein, Jahresgaben, Germany

2002                   Gallery Edith Wahlandt, Stuttgart, Germany

                           FlottmannHallen, Herne, Germany

                           Anbau 35, Bonn, Germany

                           Artroom-Gallery Suryun, Koeln, Germany

2003                   Clio Space, Insa Artcenter, Seoul, Korea

                           International Digital Art Festival Uijeongbu, organized by Art Nabi Center, Korea

2004                   Gallery Bhak, Seoul, Korea

                          13001Frioul, Marseille, France

2006                   Anbau 35, Bonn, Germany

                           Kwanhoon Gallery, Workshop Project organized by Gallery Loop, Seoul, Korea

                           Tongidong Project, Kunstdoc, Seoul, Korea

2007                   Kunstdoc Gallery, Seoul, Korea

                           99+1 pictures Monschau, Germany

                           Sun Contemporary, Coolbits, Seoul

                           Public art project Monschau, Germany

                           P&P2, Gallery Zandari, Seoul

2008                   Sun Contemporary, Seoul

                           Savina Museum, Seoul

                           Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Berlin

                           Sipa Art Fair Seoul

2009                   Ten Years After, DIY Universe, Daejeon Museum of Art, Korea

                           Paris Photo Artfair, Paris, France

                           Jeju County Museum of Modern Art, Jeju City, Korea

                           Hyundai Gallery, Gangnam, Seoul

2010                   Savina Museum, Seoul

                           Bundo Gallery, Daegu, Korea

                           Korean International Art Fair, Seoul

2011                   Haiku-Sculpture, Taiwan

2012                   Gallery Lux, Seoul

                           Jireh Gallery, Heyri, Korea

                           Gesellschaft fuer Kunst und Gestaltung, Bonn

2013                   Garden of Imagination, Gwangju, Korea

                           Healing Ground, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art

                           EHF, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Berlin

                           Seoul Art Center, Gongpyeong Gallery, Seoul

2014                   Geumgang Bienalle, Gongju, Korea

                           Universal Studios, Seoul Metropolitan Museum

                           3Dprint & Art, Savina Museum, Seoul

2015                   31 experiments on light, Seoul Culture Station 284

                           International Art Project ICAU, Ulsan

2016                   Wald, VanderGrinten Gallery, Cologne, Germany

                           Korean DMZ Art Festival, Korea

2017                   Other ways of speaking, Suwon I-Park Metropolitan Museum, Korea

                           Sculpture Festa, Seoul Art Center


Public and private collections:


Kunstmuseum im Ehrenhof, Duesseldorf, Germany

Collection Herman, Karlsruhe, Germany

Collection Stoschek, Duesseldorf, Germany

Further private collections:

Seoul, Berlin, Duesseldorf, Ulm, Aachen, Moenchengladbach, Munich, Stuttgart

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